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Full Version: Lords of War
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Kickstarter now on. I like this game a lot, a bit like warhammer, but with cards. easy to learn, very tactical. I have the Templars v Undead, and am in for this for Orcs v dwarfs plus the expansion. Anybody fancy a game , give me a bell.

I think they had a large stand at the UK Games Expo earlier this year?
yeah they did. I managed to get a demo game with Martin Vaux, one of the 2 guys that designed it. Very nice guy. Would be a good game to host a tournament for !
I'd deffo be up for a game one week.
I pledged on this in the end - went for the original core sets, the new expansion and a couple of extras (terrain expansion, battlemat).
Everything arrived yesterday - looks very much like something the kids will enjoy.
Sounds like they're going to launch another Kickstarter to fund the magic decks for the other factions.
That's quick! Have to organise a club tournament to get more people interested
Just wondered how many people would be interested in a club tournament for Lords of War? I have the tournament pack, and 3 core sets for sale if anyone interested. Its an easy game to pick up, but very tactical. If you'd like to take part just reply to this post, and I will organise it.