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Full Version: Stuart's Log of Hobby
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You definitely get your money's worth!
I don't suppose anyone has had 3 "headless" Galadhrim suddenly appear for some inexplicable reason? I seem to have mislaid examples of the following:


I did field some in that (dire) state a few weeks ago, so just wondered if they'd accidentally got swept up with somebody else's?
Not specifically hobby related, but something that we've built at home this week for Ethan's homework - a model of a Motte-and-bailey castle...

Thought I'd better get some hobby on before the end of the year, so made a start on the Blood Bowl figures. Still got the base and anti-shine varnish to do, but it's progress...

One down, eleven to go (or twenty three if you count both teams).

Nice work
Found some time to sit down and have a look at assembling some figures for Project Z, but a bit confused by the myriad of available weapon options. Could almost do with playing a game first to see how the different weapons work.
Jason, of the Argonauts...

(27-03-2017, 10:22 AM)Stuart Wrote: [ -> ]Jason, of the Argonauts...

Nice, what range is this model from?
(27-03-2017, 01:53 PM)jaqenhgar Wrote: [ -> ]Nice, what range is this model from?

It's from Wargames Foundry, in the Argonauts and Mythical Heroes section of the World of Greeks range. Really like these figures, planning to use them for Broken Legions and hopefully Of Gods and Mortals too.
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