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As some of you know, Si A is taking a (hopefully short) break from the hobby to recharge his dice. In light of this we've had to look at the structure of the committee as he was chairman. After some initial chats and a quick sit down on Tuesday we've decided to expand the committee and open up a few roles to those interested in playing a more formal part in the running of the club. Nothing too serious, and those who don't necessarily want to be on the committee can be assured that their voices are still heard.

At a high level we've agreed upon the following:
  • Chairman - myself
  • Vice-chairman - Paul
  • Secretary - JJ
  • Treasurer - Si R

In addition to that we'd like to have three general committee members, a couple of junior members to represent the under-sixteens, and a pair of quartermasters to be responsible for scenery.

We've invited Tom H and Luke to represent the junior mob (and generally be the voice of reason for the rest of us), and hopefully I'm correct in saying that Justin has expressed an interest in helping with the unenviable task of sorting out the scenery.

This leaves us with three general committee members and a quartermaster to find, so if anyone has a desire to take up one of these roles then please make yourself known.

It's important to stress that even with these roles filled, there is still more than enough scope for everyone else to help out with a task that takes their fancy. We're just hoping that by allocating roles to some of these tasks we'll get the impetus to address various things like gathering, improving and generally managing the scenery.

The chat on Tuesday was a little rushed (my fault) and I'm conscious that some people, who would have liked to, weren't able to attend. I'll therefore arrange a group hug on a non-club night, probably at a local pub, where anyone interested can come along and generally have a chat about the club and raise any concerns or ideas. Having this away from the club seems better than trying to cram it in on a club night, as despite best intentions we never seem to be able set aside enough time. Not to mention they also have beer in pubs, or so I hear.

Avoiding the temptation to get all gushy, I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a huge "thanks" to everyone who has helped the club grow over the course of the first year and a bit, from arranging tournaments, setting up, clearing down, to just generally turning up each week. I think we've got a club we can be proud of, and long may it continue!
I think it's a great club, and I'm sure I speak for everyone Stu when I say thanks for all your efforts as well! I hope Simon manages to recharge his batteries and thanks also to him for all his time and effort in the club.

I am happy to help in whatever role you need, although since I live in Stratford I can't turn up early or leave too late.

Regarding scenery, maybe we could have an 'everyone make a hedge/fence' month, or 'who can make the best crater/ruin/wood?!' week, with some simple guides on how to make it posted online and with the proviso that anything made goes to the club. Or perhaps we could have a day (if funds allow) where people bring in a (fairly decent, complete and painted) piece of scenery in return for free admission that night? That way we could get rid of some of the squashed cardboard scenery and move to some more decent stuff.
I would like to echo the comments about it being a great club! I mean, just look at how it's growing!! Smile

I'm also happy to help in whatever way I can, I live close, but will have to rely on lifts until I pass my Driving test, so I too am limited somewhat, but am more than willing to help in whatever way seems fit! Smile

I second the view of club terrain, I like the idea of a night where anyone who brings in a good size and quality piece of terrain gets a free entry, but if club funds couldn't stretch to the whole club getting free entry, maybe stagger it to 40k one night and WM another, WFB another and Necrom another etc etc, this way the dent on the funds might be lessened somewhat?

But then comes the issue of storage, I think we have a good amount of terrain at present (some tables on busy nights can be shooting galleries), but it's getting battered in the those low level boxes, I think some larger boxes might be a good investment.
I'll create a dedicated thread for the scenery discussion as it's a worthy subject.

Thread here: Club Scenery
Yeah another echo of the above comments about it being a great club and thanks for the efforts of Stu and Si A. I'm still quite new to the club but can see it going from strength to strength even over the couple months I've been attending! I currently live in Evesham so like Chris it is a fair way to travel so I often arrive late and leave early (where possible) but I will moving to Redditch in January anyway so that should help me be more involved with the admin side of things.
I'd like to propose Vince (if he fancies it!) as the other quartermaster, along with Justin.
(18-10-2012, 10:32 AM)Stuart Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to propose Vince (if he fancies it!) as the other quartermaster, along with Justin.

Sounds good to me!

I am more than happy to carry out that role if everyone is happy with it? Smile
Yep sounds good to me too Vince!
I like the idea of the meeting up out of club night to chat about things like this, possibly even make it a regular thing like every 3 months or something.
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